SIL KHANNAZ - Sil Khannaz - Debauch Absorption.mp3


Sil Khannaz means "The Hidden Beast"; a reference to Satan was formed in 1987 and is still active this very day. The last wicked international performance was in Hammersonic Jakarta International Metal Festival 2013. Although the last recorded album was in 2006, the Death/Thrash/Metal legend band spark wide spawn of fans from Malaysia, Singapore as well as Indonesia. The current line up (since 2008): Jaie (Vocal), Dark E (Guitars), Hashim (Bass), Adjeez (Drums) and Azroy (Guitars). For more information, contact nebuilaprod@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sil-Khannaz/44886560846


リリース日 リリース名 メディア
2015 Gerbang Kayangan LP
2014 Conception of Madness - 20 Years Anniversary CD
2008 Official Bootleg DVD DVD
2006 Berdiri Antara Panji-Panji CD
2004 Rockumentari DVD
2003 Darah Muda CD
2000 Bara Pawaka CD
1997 Gerbang Kayangan CD, MC (TAPE)
1995 Pendita Gila EP
1993 Conception of Madness CD, MC (TAPE)
1992 Assassin Led by Blasphemy DEMO
1990 Doctrine to Hell DEMO