ROMPEPROP1999年に結成されて以来、芸術的な作品と共にさらなる高みを追及 しているバンドだ。彼らは「ゴアグラインド」というジャ ンルにおいて多数の 他のバンドに影響を与えている。

エクストリームミュージック・ファンの皆にはよく知られているであろう彼ら が、初めて日本にやって来る。

CDで聴くだけでも素晴らしいが、さらに凄まじいショウを繰り広げることでもと ても有名なバンドだ。


OEFのベテランバンドである彼らの名前は、このフェスに来てくれる皆のプレイ リストにも並んでいることだろう。間違いなく彼らは徹底的にアグ レッシブ で、狂気に包まれたライブを演ってくれるぞ!!!


皆が知っている通り、ROMPEPROPはとってもキャッチーなゴアバンドだ!!恥じら いなんてどこかに置いてきたような3人のメンバーが、容赦 なく繰り出すグライ ンド・チューンで皆を楽しませてくれるだろう!!



Starting as a threesome; Jores du True (drums), Dirty Dr. Dente (guitar) and Steven Smegma (gargling) wanted to create the kinda music they love the most; partygroovin goregrind with sick downtuned vomit vocals. Inspired by Utopie, Gut, Impetigo, Haemorrhage and N.C.C. they had their first try out in 1999, but it really started of after they found bassplayer Micheil the Menstrual Mummy at the Fuck The Commerce Fest 2001. Rompeprops first gig was a fact in September of that same year at the famous Dynamoclub, Eindhoven. After that show they were able to sign a small recorddeal with Dismemberment Records. The release of MCD Menstrual Stomphulk (February 2002) was surprisingly successful!

One year later (March 2003) they released their first full-length on Bizarre Leprous (CZ.). This album, Hellcocks Pornflakes, caused their official break through. Vocalist Steven Smegma couldnt combine his job any longer with the band and after having more and more healthproblems, he unfortunately had to quit the band. But not after doing the studio recordings of their third CD, a split with Tu Carne, Just A Matter Of Splatter. The other three had to hit the rehearsalroom again to take over the vocals, ‘cause they needed to get ready for hitting the stage as much as possible in 2004 and beyond! This worked out great!,. They played at many fests and clubs and countrys like USA, CANADA, BRAZIL, MEXICO, RUSSIA, SPAIN, PORTUGAL and many more!. In 2007 also Micheil the mummy had to quit the band because he had to move to switserland, his place was taking by Bonebag Rob!! Rompeprop was more than complete again! 'Rompeprop just stands for fun and joy in a Gory way.

Fast Grind combined with Groovy Gore makes your girlfriend look prettier and your beer taste better!!! Political and religious concerns are for other bands. We just love Gore....nothing more!!!'.

Band members:

Jores du True - Drums

Dirty Dr. Dente – Guitars/Vocals

BoneBag Rob – Bass