RECTAL SMEGMAOEFの本場・チェコ会場Trutnov Battlegroundを三度もメチャク チャに沸かせた経験のある、狂ったパーティー・ゴアグラインダー達だ!

OEF Asiaでも同じように日本の皆を狂わせにやってくる!


このオランダの狂人達は、見つけた酒すべてを飲み干し、ステージに登場した途 端、汚いゴアグラインドを日本の皆にブッカケて飲みこむだろう!


彼らの曲は、ブルータリティ溢れる速いブラストビートから、腰を振って踊れる ポルカビートまである。


Following a sad piece of news that Cock and Ball Torture, the classics of the gore genre, have to cancel their OEF show we have a very pleasant message now! 

We can introduce to you a no less great band of the same extreme rank, namely the Dutch Neanderthals RECTAL SMEGMA!!! They are no great unknown for the OEF`s fans. After all RECTAL SMEGMA have already visited Bojiště with their humoristic gore set four times!!! Founded in 2003 their line-up has stabilized with  the current four maniacs after several changes bringing great groove to the classical gore grind style. 

All this is supported by a great humour and hectoliters of beer!!! To date RECTAL SMEGMA have released five full-length recordings and several splits, so they have a lot of stuff to choose their set from. And a new recording at Rotten roll Rex Records is on the horizon !!! WHORES, BOOZE AND SANDWICHES!!! RECTAL SMEGMA coming to the OEF 2018!!!


Rectal Smegma was initially formed in 2003 by four guys from the west of The Netherlands, who set out to create brutal gore grind with lots of groove, blastbeats and a humoristic party vibe all over. The band has undergone some member changes for guitar and bass throughout their existence but has started 2015 with their latest and strongest line-up, and also drunker than ever. The music has undergone some changes in the meantime as well, evolving from Neanderthal porn gore grind to fast aggressive blasting goregrind with loads of groovy death metal and even some hints of punk. There are now five full length records released plus three split albums. A new 3-way split was recorded at the famous Kohlekeller stuio and released in 2018 through Rotten Roll Rex.

Line-up since 2015:

Janus - Vocals
Hein - Guitar
Arie - Drums
Ruud - Bass


リリース日 リリース名 メディア
2016 Gnork
2015 69% of Porngrind split
2013 Become The Bitch CD
2011 Because We Care CD
2010 Porn Grind Excess split
2009 Keep On Smiling CD
2009 Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n Drol split
2005 Licking A Leper