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One hot summer of 2009 jervish alcos(gtr/vox) got tired of waiting for his highschool bandmates to get reunited and decided to form an old-school ripping thrash metal band, inspired by the classic 80’s german thrash(Kreator, Sodom, Destruction) jervish start recruiting members for the band until he finds Vic jarlego(Negatron/Pathogen) on drums and Jelo Aranguren(infestor) on guitars and Rugene Marcial on bass together they started rehearsing 3 compositions which will be included in their first demo entitled “Radiation Devastation” featuring a bonus track “Chernobyl”(Effluvium cover).Supporting the release of “Radiation Devastation” the band started playing live gigs in mostly in manila with the help of copperhead productions 2010 was a great year for the band because their songs got included in some local compilations like Impyerno sa Lupa(Lifespan Records) and War Blood(Dethrone Records) until they received a bad news that jelo will leave the band to focus on some serious responsibilities, luckily jervish highschool bandmate lex Garcia(guitars) is ready to fill in for the vacant spot. - November of 2010 the band heads to the studio again to record their follow up to “radiation devastation” which is “Apocalypse Agenda” a 5-song E.P. which contains 4 new tracks and a re-recorded version of “holocaust in heaven”. - June 2011, Lex Garcia(guitars) and Rugene Marcial(bass) leaves the band(fuck their stupid reasons, they're not just metal enough!!haha) - July 2011, "Apocalypse Agenda" EP has been released on cassette tape format thru Hellhouse666 Productions(Thailand) limited to 100 copies - October 2011, Arius Exconde(Infestor) and Michael George Diestro(Ataul) joins the band to fill in the for the guitar and bass duties - October 2011, "Apocalypse Agenda" EP has been released on cassette tape format again thru Metal Throne Productions(Greece) limited to 50 copies(SOLD OUT) - April 2012, "Apocalypse Agenda" EP has been released on d.i.y. CD-R format thru Metal Porn Productions(Malaysia) limited to 60 copies - May 2012, with the new lineup the band heads again to the studio to record 3 songs for their 2012 promo - December 2012, Dethrone Records(Philippines) decided to reissue "Apocalypse Agenda" EP on cassette tape format and released "Survive the Slaughter" this includes the 3 new tracks from the 2012 promo plus a bonus live track "Certain Death(Sadus cover)" currently the band is busy playing live and finishing the recording of their full length to be out this 2014


リリース日 リリース名 メディア
2015 Death Sentence to Mankind CD, MC (TAPE)
2012 Survive the Slaughter EP, MC (TAPE)
2011 Apocalype Agenda CD, EP, MC (TAPE)