DARK HORSE Australia

DARK HORSE - Drilling For Hard Truths


オーストラリアのへヴィなブラッケンド・クラスト・ハードコア、DARK HORSE!

彼らは今年のObscene Extreme Asiaのステージをぶち壊しにやってくる。




彼らは世界中で好評を得た、素晴らしいデビューアルバム"Sick of the Living, High on Death"をリリースし、皆を破壊と苦しみに陥れにやってくるぞ!!!


Australia's d-beat hardcore band DARKHORSE is kind of a synonym of the world's Obscene Extreme fan. Not only did they emerge in Trutnov's venue Na Bojišti (2014) but this squad also participated in the Asian OEF (2013) and, of course, in the Australian version (2015).

The uncompromising d-beat/hardcore blast with a pinch of metal is going to or has already appealed to many maniacs. Their latest studio album titled "Bomb Thrower" has received positive reactions and Darkhorse are ready once again to chop you to pieces at the OEF 2019!!!


Hailing from Sydney, Australia, this is the second time that Dark Horse will bring their fast D-beat hardcore to Trutnov Battlefield for Obscene Extreme. 5 years have passed since their last appearance at OEF, during which they released their crushing second LP ‘Bomb Thrower’ as well as a handful of EPs and a couple of chaos imbued live recordings. After tours in Japan and New Zealand as well as countless shows on their Australian home turf, 2019 will see Dark Horse ride their way through Europe once again and stir up stages all around the continent.


リリース日 リリース名 メディア
2018 Split EP with Inebrious Bastard EP
2018 Live at Asakusa Deathfest
2017 Bomb Thrower
2014 Sick of the Living/High on Death
2013 Split EP with Black Jesus EP
2013 Newtown Knockdown – Live at the Sando