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C.S.S.O. Japan

C.S.S.O. - Cosmic Super Strong Ordure


And it is plain truth! Formed in 1993 they became a legend in a single decade.


CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN will cut your ears and crush your brains with their insane experimental grind core / noise terror. Some of their recordings should be grind core treasures which are going to be a part of „hall of grind core fame“.


Do you remember splits with DEAD INFECTION, MALIGNANT TUMOUR, FINAL EXIT, NASUM or MEAT SHITS? Their „Rehearsal“ demo tapes are cult! Trust us … when the grind scene needs CSSO, their appear.


Sumi, founder member of CSSO, was born in 1976. He started playing guitar by influence of his elder brother Naru when he was in junior high school. At that time, as most of young boys tend to go with fast and speed music, naturally he also started listening bands like METALLICA, ANTHRAX, SLAYER and MEGADETH.

Important thing was he didn't receive baptism of super guitar hero era, so his interest was not how to play light-hand tapping and fast guitar solo like Eddie van helen, but making strong song. Anyway, so called "big four" and Thrash metal movement was strong influence for 14 years old student.


When he was in high school, Takeshi, later CSSO drummer brought 1 cd to Sumi's house.

It was NAPALM DEATH's Scum with 54 track and we were totally knocked out by it's artwork and legend song "you suffer". First meeting with underground music was so astonishing, after that they started searching that way.


It was one such day, Naru got 1 fanzine called "No Deception" published in Japan. And then our belief that "we must go with underground" was decided and Sumi, Naru and Takashi started making fanzine called "Circle of the Grind".


Close relationship with underground music scene encouraged us greatly, especially music from Grind core,

we received freedom. So it was natural flow that we formed CSSO in 1993.

Other conspicuous incident is as follows,'95 1st album relese from german Morbid records, In '96 Euro tour with DEAD INFECTION and HAEMORRHAGE, In '99 central america tour, In '00 2nd album release from german Morbid records, In '01 performing in Fuck the commerce festival  in germany. In '02 disband.


I am not sure about the reason why we disband and reunion,

but graciously if I quote words from Robert flipp, it's like a "when grind scene needs CSSO, we appear".

by Sumi


Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ (CSSO)


Narutoshit (vocal)

Takeshit (Bass)

Takeshit (Drums)

Sumi Hendrix (Guitar)


リリース日 リリース名 メディア
2003 Collection CD CD
2001 Are You Excrements? CD CD
1998 Split 7inch with Dead Infection
1997 Diversion of Former Customary Trite Composition 7inch
1996 Nagro Lauxes VIII CD CD
1994 Split 7inch with Meat Shits
1994 4 way CD with Nasum, Retaliation, Vivisection CD