ANATOMIA - Cadaveric Dissection


2002年にTRANSGRESSORの遺灰から、デス/ドゥームバンドであるANATOMIAは誕生 した。


ジャパニーズ・デスメタル界のベテランは、容赦ゼロのブルータル・デス/ ドゥームスタイルのサウンドで君の血を凍りつかせるだろう。




ANATOMIA was formed in 2002 by Takashi (drums/vocals), Yoshio (guitars), and Jun (bass), by renaming their former band TRANSGRESSOR. With influences from bands like AUTOPSY, IMPETIGO, INCANTATION, GRAVE, they started over to play filthy and putrid slow death metal.


After several rehearsals, they put out the first demo containing four morbid tracks. It helped them spread their name around the world, and led to signing with NECROHARMONIC Productions. Later in 2015, their first full-length album "Dissected Humanity" was released. Even slamming brutal death was popular in the scene back then, the response towards the album was quite satisfactory. Since then they constantly received split offers, and they worked on all those split releases as planned (up to this time, total of 9 different titles released).


In late 2011, after performing at Rites of Darkness Fest in San Antonio, Yoshio left the band due to personal reasons. Shortly after that, Yukiyasu (guitars), ex-member of SCOTOPHOBIA and REEXAMINE, joined in to fill the position. Around that time, Jun and Takashi worked together and reentered the studio to record the second full length album "Decaying in Obscurity," later released by Nuclear War Now! Production in 2012.


The band have played shows outside Japan several times so far, with their first time at Kill-Town Death Fest in 2011, followed by Rites of Darkness Fest in 2012, a week-long tour in Europe in 2013 with UNDERGANG, twice in Taiwan, and Kill-Town Death Fest V in 2014.


ANATOMIA current line-up 2015


Takashi (drums/vocals)

Jun (bass)

Yukiyasu (guitars)

Kaori (keyboard)


リリース日 リリース名 メディア
2014 Blood Urge/Grotesque Ending split 7 inch EP
2014 Submerged End split 7 inch EP
2014 Submerged End split 7 inch EP
2013 Undead Horrors split 7 inch EP
2013 Desolation split 7 inch EP
2013 Dead Bodies in the Morgue LP
2012 Decaying in Obscurity CD, LP
2011 No Way To Live split 7 inch EP
2011 Drawn Into the Abyss split 7 inch EP
2011 Forlorn split 7 inch EP
2010 Dissected Humanity LP
2010 Merciless Torment split 7 inch EP
2009 Shreds of Putrefaction 10 inch EP
2009 Human Lust cassette tape demo
2007 D.D.D.H. 3-way split CD
2005 Dissected Humanity CD
2003 Demo DEMO
0 Dead Bodies in the Morgue demo/reh/live comp. CD
0 Pandemonium split 7 inch EP with INTERMENT EP