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One of the main acts of OBSCENE EXTREME ASIA, the kings of grind UNHOLY GRAVE accepted our request to interview them! Born in Nagoya, Japan in 1993, UG are really prolific, releasing tons of splits, EPs and LPS, always with their trademark fast & raw sound. 

Ex DEATHPEED/NAUSEA Vocalist TAKAHO formed UNHOLY GRAVE to play GRINDCORE in early 1993. Now after 20 years of punk and grind they’ve become a cult band. Takaho answered our questions with traditional short and to the point answers. Enjoy!

Since 1993 you remain recording and touring a lot. What inspires you to record more music?
Takaho UG: it's simple. making new songs is always very fun !

Your albums are total DIY, sound raw, fast and loud, just what every grindfreak need! In your opinion which is the best environment to record Unholy Grave's music?
Takaho UG:
most of UG recordings were done by myself with 8 track recorder at our small rehearsal studio. and I do mixing job at my small room. love & passion for the music is the key-word.

A lot of your albums and splits says the word grind in them. What means grind for you?
Takaho UG: a kind of LIFE WORK.

You played last year at Obscene Extreme Asia, how was that experience?

Takaho UG: it was such a great experience even though the weather was terrible !

nice people,nice food...it's always cool to hangout with AGX guys.

Unholy Grave is really old school style but few bands reach that level of raw intensity. What do you think about modern grindcore bands?
Takaho UG:  Thank you for your kind words.

Anyway,I like old-school single-foot BLASTBEAT like REPULSION. and I also like old-school MINCECORE like AGATHOCLES.

modern grindcore bands ? I respect them all.

Lyrics are an important part of Unholy Grave. What usually inspires you to write?
Takaho UG:
absurdity occurred in this fucked-up world.

sometimes films/books inspires me,too.

It always caught my attention a phrase that you use in artworks, "Grindcore Against Terrorism", and also many songs against it. It's an emotional impact to read that lyrics. Do you believe is it possible to reach a peaceful society, with no more terrorism?

Takaho UG: I know it's very difficult. but it's the place to go to....

You are the grind heros from japanese scene! Which bands are your favourite from your country?
Takaho UG:
 you mean GRINDING bands ?



too many to mention !

Thanks for this interview!!! Grind!!!
Takaho UG: Thank you, CURBY. See you soon !