ROSEROSE - Allour FREE Grounds


There are bands formed some time ago and no one knows them and there are bands which were established more than 30 years ago and they still kick ass!

ROSEROSE is older than some of grind maniacs who will visit their show, but these old bastards will make you shit your pants!


Fast crossover  skate thrash / hardcore attack from Tokyo celebrates 32 years of existence! Fucking mosh at Obscene Extreme Asia 2015!!!





クのエッセンスをぶち込みアルバムシングル作品リリースは30作品を超え30年以 上常にシーンの先端を走り続けている!


2010年、現メンバーになってからBxTxH recordsに所属。2枚のアルバムをドロッ プしTHRASH METALHARDCORE PUNKSKATE ROCKDEATH METALといった初期のサ ウンドをCROSSOVERさせつつ新しいモノを繰り出し続け留まることを知らない。


Release date Release name Media
2013 Fucking Crap Fucking Chaos Full-length
2012 Skatethrash Heaven Full-length
2009 Dlive into Mosh of Ass Live album
2008 Vooothzer Full-length
2007 Cheaper Dream Full-length
2007 Mosh from the For'B'idden Side Compilation
2006 Neo Unknown Tranced Slayers Full-length
2006 Skate Revenge Compilation
2003 99% Is Shit Full-length
2000 No Medicine Cures an Asshole Full-length
1998 Everyday Life Full-length
1996 Souls in Each Box DEMO
1995 Private or Not EP
1994 Bemire Full-length
1993 Degenerate Generation Full-length
1992 Deaden the Nerve Pt. II EP
1991 Brutalize Full-length
1990 Deaden the Nerve Pt. 1 DEMO
1990 Surrounded by Foes DEMO
1990 Slice Selection Split
1989 Dirty Is God Live album
1989 Liquidation Full-length
1988 Kill Your Brain Full-length
1988 Throbbing of the Needy Split
1987 Mosh of Ass Full-length
1987 Born to Be a Skate Boy EP
1987 Skatehead '88 EP
1987 Skull Thrash Zone Volume I Split
1986 Emotional Disturbance Full-length
1985 From Born Till Die... (Breed for You) EP