After years of silence, the gloomy narcist has risen from the grave to prowl around this world full of contradiction and contamination! The Japanese cult death legend, NECROPHILE!!!

As one of the oldest Japanese bands formed back in 1987, NECROPHILE put out their first demo in 1988, followed by several other releases from overseas labels. Along with other Japanese cult such as MESSIAH DEATH, CRUCIFIXION, DEATHPEED and BELETH, they were widely-known in the global underground scene as many fanzines featured them at the time. And they played gigs with SADISTIC INTENT, DECEASED, GOREAPHOBIA, etc. in the US in 1991 maybe as the first Japanese death metal act there.

Since their reunion gig in December 2012, they have been playing shows constantly with the raw and old school tunes, and so now is the time to expect their brand new stuff which is currently in progress!

Current members are playing or played in ANATOMIA, TRANSGRESSOR, MULTIPLEX and MESSIAH DEATH!!!


NECROPHILE was formed in 1987 by two high school students, Takaaki Ohkuma (Ba/Vo, ex-CRIMINAL CHRIST and later MULTIPLEX) and Keisuke Matsunaga (G/Ds, ex-MESSIAH DEATH). They recorded two demo tapes in 1988 and 1989, and especially the second demo got high attention in the worldwide underground scene. Then with the line up of Takaaki (Ba/Vo), Takashi Tanaka (Ds, later TRANSGRESSOR and ANATOMIA) and Kenichi Matsunaga (G, later HELLCHILD), they recorded an EP and a split LP, and also played several gigs in USA with SADISTIC INTENT, DECEASED and several other local bands. The band may be the first Japanese death metal act playing in USA. The band faded out as the members began to play in different bands, but the band got reunited and played a gig in Dec 2012 with the line up of Takaaki (Ba/Vo), Takashi (G) and Keisuke (Ds). They played about 10 gigs in 2013 and are now preparing to record new materials in early 2014.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Comp. CD 2012 Mementos in the Misting Woods CD
1991 Also appeared in a comp. CD 1991 Weird Tales of Madness CD
1991 Split LP 1991 (w/ ABHORER) The Terminal Derangement LP
1991 EP 1991 'Dissociated Modernity EP
1989 Beyond the Truth DEMO
1988 The Terminal Derangement EP