Oh yes, those old school veterans who have been around since 1991 and played more than five times at OEF's Battlefieled in Trutnov will hit Japan to play at OEF Asia this year.


Be prepared for a heavy rock´n´roll demolition. For a music that will rip your denim and leather!!! BANZAI!!!

MALIGNANT TUMOUR and OBSCENE EXTREME…this is an indivisible bond that started more than 20 years ago and still exists. That is why and also thanx to their highly valued split release with SQUASH BOWELS celebrating 20th anniversary of the release in 1997 at OBSCENE PRODUCTION this year we can announce their special and exclusive (one and only) concert set at Sunday´s OEF afterparty show.

As some of you might guess, this entire set will be dedicated to the „old“ Malignant´s years from 1994 till 1997 with most of the songs being from the aforementioned split. This concert will also be presented by the line up of that time when Bilos was on guitar and the throat, Otto (NEEDFUL THINGS, LYCANTROPHY) on bass and Michal (ex CEREBRAL TURBULENCY, RUBUFASO MUKUFO) on drums. As a bonus to this show a remastered split album of MALIGNANT TUMOUR/SQUASH BOWELS will be released in a vinyl version!!!

Pathological grindcore as it used to begin here in the Czechia!!! Are you looking forward to see this??? We are!!!

Bilos : "In fact, having listened to the voices of the fans for a long time I decided to give it a go as many of them asked me if they ever could see MALIGNANT TUMOUR in a grindcore shape once again and the anniversary of the split with SQUASH BOWELS helped it a lot, of course. I called the ex members, because there is no way to play that set with anyone else and they both said yes.

And where else to play than at OBSCENE EXTREME festival??? I guess there is no better place!!! It will really be only a single show so if you are interested to see and hear it you will have to to stay at OEF till Sunday's afterparty!!! I am really looking forward to that!!!"


Band MALIGNANT TUMOUR has started in fall of 1991. That time it was more funny Noisecore than something serious. In 1992 the band becomes more serious grindcore with pathological lyrics. No one remember what line up was as first but first serious was : Bilos – Guitar/Vox, Roman – Bass and Libor – Drums. After some demos in ’95 both left the band because they weren’t interested in grindcore anymore. Michal – Drums and Otto – Bass joined the Bilos as new MT’s members. This line up made many records and shows in Czech or abroad. In 1997 band changed their lyrics from pathological topics to more socialy aware lyrics against homophobia, racism, fascism and world system which enslave people around the world.In the same year Michal left the band to focus on his own band called Cerebral Turbulency. Quick replacement is named Marek. Few weeks after Michal, Otto also left the band as well. He is still active in his grindcore band Needful Things.


Release date Release name Media
2014 Nación de Metaleros split s Acidez EP
2008 We are the metal (2008) LP In Full Swing EP
2007 Europe Football Championship DVD
2006 R´n´R Engine split CD/LP s Gurkha CD, LP
2006 Satan is real tour (2006) split LP R´n´R Engine DVD
2005 Burninhell CD, LP
2005 Burning sensation tour wildwest tour DVD
2004 Hammer and Anvil split s Lycanthrophy EP
2003 Dawn of the New Age CD, LP
2003 Grinding party split CD s Pulmonary Fibrosis CD
2003 In Oil We Trust split with Critical Madnes/Szargyerek/Anubis EP
2002 Oegstgeest Grindcore split s Intumescence EP
2000 ...And Man Made the End split s Agathocles EP
2000 Get to Attack split s Unholy Grave EP
1998 Is this the Earth´s Last Century? split CD s Alienation Mental
1998 4 way split CD s Agathocles/Abortion/Din-Addict
1998 Equality!? EP
1998 Murder fot you to eat split s Vomito EP
1997 Eat the Flesh... and Vomica split CD se Squash Bowels
1997 Rock Stars - Money Wars split s Death Infection EP
1997 Killing for Profit DEMO
1996 Forensic Clinicism - the Sanguine Article split s Immured EP
1996 Sick Sinus Syndrome split s Mastic Scum EP
1996 Swarming of Virulency split s Ingrowing EP
1996 Hungry Urinary URN split s NCC/C.S.S.O./CUM EP
1995 Malignus Morbus split s Decomposed EP
1995 Analyse of Pathological Conceptions DEMO
1994 Symphonies for Pathologist DEMO
1993 Cadaveric Incubator of Endo-Parasites DEMO