GONGURI Korea (Democratic People's Republic Of)

GONGURI - Tontukan Aginakki


It is time to slow down. And it is time to get to know a great doom / sludge band from South Korea – GONGURI. If you like the massive, slow sound of bands like CORRUPTED or COFFINS we bet you will like GONGURI too.


Following their great releases like the split CD with SITHTER or the first recording from 2014 called „2014 EP“ which was released as a tape on Soondoongi Records plus a free download, you will have the chance to see this downtuned annihilation live at Obscene Extreme Asia 2015!!!


Gonguri was formed in 2013 by Phya (guitars/vocals), Jared (drums), and Yuying(bass),

influences from bands like Grudge, Corrupted, Coffins


Release date Release name Media
2014 Gonguri EP
0 Gonguri / Sithter - Split
0 Gonguri / Caveman Cult - 7" (up coming)