GO-ZEN Japan



GO-ZEN, Japan's answer to Prague's Jig-Ai, are goregrinding perverts like you've never known before. These sick young fucks really know how to give it to the audience in ear-raping fashion - they blaze through their in-the-red, up-your-ass gore verses in such extreme fashion that you don't even notice being sonically disembowled until your guts are already around your neck and you gasping for breath.

Need a better description? Just take a look at the cover to their first album Hitoshizuku, created by none other than cult porn-sick comic artist, Ujigawaita. Truly fucking disgusting.


Formed in Akihabara, in March 2009, as an one-man "Akiba-Gore" project by spetsnaz. Daigo has joined the band after the release of "1st Demo". In 2010, the band released EP "Hinamatsuri" and played some shows with new member Shuhei. The band's first album, "Hitoshizuku", was released in 2012 from Bizarre Leprous Productions. In 2013, Shuhei replaced by BxOxB.

GO-ZEN plays bulldozing goregrind. The band's artwork and songs are heavily inspired by Japanese Hentai culture. Nickname of Japanese voice actress, "Shizuka Ito", is the derivation of the band's name.


Release date Release name Media
2012 Hitoshizuku (Full Length, Self-Release JPN/BIZARRE LEPROUS PRODUCTIONS, CZ)
2010 Hinamatsuri (EP, Self-Release) EP
2009 1st Demo (Demo, Self-Release) DEMO