Should you name five crust bands from Japan almost every new d-beat / crust band during last ten years refers to you will for sure find FRAMTID on the list. FRAMTID are the law. The law for every fan of noisy punk.

The last proof this squad from Osaka massacred globaly the whole crust world with is the latest album titled „Defeat Of Civilization“. Unattended steemroller rushing down the hill and devastating everything that comes in the way. It is appropriate too to mention other of their cult recordings as the debut album „Under The Ashes“ or the 7“ splits with Disclose or Pisschrist. Their live noisy explosion will painfully penetrate your ear drums.

FRAMTID will also be the law for OEF Asia 2014!!!


Formed in Osaka city japan in 1996 under the influence of 80's classic swedish/euro raw hc and japanese hc/crust. After several changes of bass player now the members is: Makino-vox, Takayama-drums, Ina-bass, Jacky-guitar. The band's slogan is: "By Any Reason War Is Unnecessary". Also organizing the gig called "Hard Core Victim Gig".


Release date Release name Media
2013 The Early Demos 1997-2001 comp LP LP
2013 Defeat Of Civilization
2004 split EP with Disclose
2002 Under The Ashes
1999 8 track EP