Be ready for a pure noise destruction from these North American veterans! This band from Quebec, Canada called DECHE-CHARGE started back in August 1990 as a joke. Their former members were mainly influenced by SORE THROAT, NAPALM DEATH and as time went on they were becoming noisier and noisier with more songs on each demo. After many and many years of existence they became a noise core legend! Their live sets are destructive and noisy as hell!


The current line-up includes ex-members from Canadian grind core bands like MESRINE or G.O.D. This performance will be their 3rd in line for Obscene Extreme Festival this year!!! (Europe, America & Asia!) Crazy!!!


Deche-Charge founders Dan-Charge and Chain Saw met in late 1989 in high school, bonding over their mutual love for Napalm Death. After hearing Sore Throat, they thought about starting their own "grindcore" project, so they came up with a band name and, after recruiting a guy named Ferlay (aka Doom) who owned a bass, they recorded their first demo "Metal Deche Cores" (the title was influenced by the hardcore band MDC) in Dan's living room in August of 1990. The demo contained 61 tracks with the drums consisting of a plastic frisbee and metal cauldrons. Soon after discovering bands like Meat Shits, Anal Cunt and 7 Minutes Of Nausea, the D-C style shifted towards short 1-second tracks. The second demo "Le Retour Des Deche-Cores" was recorded in July of 1991 in Doom's basement, this time with a drum machine and featured 271 tracks. This would be the tape that got the international underground noise scene introduced to Deche-Charge. Most people hated the tape and never wanted to deal with D-C again... In early 1992, the third demo, titled "T.P.S. (The Preps Suck)" was recorded with a 4-track mixer, featuring Doom playing guitar instead of bass. It consisted of 679 tracks with all titles included in the tape. More copies of this demo were spread than the two previous tapes, resulting in D-C becoming known as the first noise band from Canada. In July 1992 the "Masturbation Genetique" demo #4, strongly influenced by Meat Shits' "Regurgitated Semen" tape, was recorded with Doom returning to bass, this time containing 1992 tracks (all with titles, which were not included with the tape since they got lost somewhere along the way). By the time this demo had reached what we could call the classic D-C sound (loops of 2-3 tracks per second). Some US tape labels began showing interest in releasing D-C stuff so in late December 1992 the fifth demo, "Nazi Deche Cores Fuck Off" (title influenced by Napalm Death's cover version of "Nazi Punks Fuck Off" by the Dead Kennedys), featuring over 3000 tracks, was recorded for Stupidity Records (New York). The split 7" with The Earwigs, released on Bung Record in Kentucky, was recorded during the same session; the latter being limited to only 300 copies, making it the rarest and most sought out D-C record. A split with Genital Masticator (Spain) was also recorded for Cadaverizer Records, which would be Doom's final appearance with the band. In early 1994, with Seb Grindionoise (who would later form legendary canadian grindcore band Dahmer) on guitar/bass, the split 7" with Anal Massaker (Germany) as well as a split tape with Extreme Hair Stench (Germany) were recorded. A split tape with Morbid Shit, featuring future D-C member Frank Goshit and the split 7" with Clitoris Trafficker (featuring D-C's newest member Seb) were recorded for Rotthenness Records (Brasil). Cadaverizer Records also released "The Best Of D-C" tape, featuring stuff from all the previous releases, along with some exclusive stuff. Later in 1994, the line-up consisted of Dan-Charge, Chain Saw, Seb Grindionoise and Frank Goshit. A split tape with Sonic Disorer (US) and the self titled 7" released by Regurgitated Semen Records (Germany) were recorded with the new line-up. 1000 copies of the 7" EP were pressed, making it the most well known D-C release. The first ever D-C live gig took place that summer; totally unplanned while Dan and Seb's other band, Thinkshit, was playing a gig in Ste-Julie (Quebec) alongside Global Holocaust and Human Rats. A recording of this gig (featuring Dan-Charge, Seb and Frank) was released as a split tape with Mundo De Mierda (Ecuador). Various split tapes with Audicion Irritable, Anal Smegma (Canada), Oral Climax, Brain Damage (Sweden), Mange D'la Marde (Canada), a 4-way split tape with Sonic Disorder/Weird Vision (Canada)/Pocajontas (Spain), the "Tremblement De Noise" demo, the "Death Metal Fuck Off" 3-second demo + the stuff that appeared on the "Noise Against The Machine" compilation 7" were recorded that same year. Seb had by then decided he had enough of noisecore and quit D-C. By this time things started to get a bit out of hand with D-C accepting every split tape offer.


In early 1995 D-C played a gig in Montreal at the "Noise Fest 1995" alongside other noisecore/industrial projects. By then Deche-Charge's name had finally spread to their hometown (Quebec City), resulting in an offer to play a death metal festival at the "Salon Noir 1". Death metal was pretty much at it's peak in popularity so Deche-Charge saw an opportuniy to piss  the hell out of a whole lot of people! For 10 minutes (the curtains closed after 10 minutes) D-C made a complete mockery of the death metal crowd and pissed everyone off by telling them to fuck off and that they were just a bunch of big headed posers. This gig established D-C's reputation and consequently caused them to be hated by most, while a minority thought they were awesome. A few weeks later another gig in Quebec City was played during which people were completely offended to the point of throwing beer pitchers at the stage. That same year, following these gigs, D-C got together in a rehearsal room and recorded 10 different split tapes during the same session using a cheap tape recorder. Split tapes with K.M.K. (Germany), T.B.H. (which have the worst possible recording probably ever done by any existing band!), Gestorte Nachbarn, Ungasungasutyrunga, Defecation Purulenta, T.S.M., A.V.S.M. and a few others emerged from this session. These tapes were of very poor quality, consisting of unintelligible noise blurs, and most people thought D-C wasn't worth their time anymore, including, Frank Goshit, who decided he had enough and things pretty much stopped. However, Dan took the time to make one last recording for a split 7" with Mizuko, which saw the light of day in 1997; featuring a new guitarist, Fred, with whom Dan would start serial grindcore band Mesrine that same year. A couple of other split tapes were released but no new recordings took place until 1998 when Chain Saw and Dan-charge decided to record material for a split tape with Captain 3 Leg (US), which wouldn't see the light of day for some time due to Dan getting overbored with tape mailing and consequently taking a break.


From 1998 through to 2003 Deche-Charge remained inactive until, suddenly, Frank Goshit created his own personal version of D-C, making new recordings all by himself. He created an "official" website unbeknownst to Dan and Chain Saw, even though both their names were mentioned on the website and in the releases. A bunch of releases were done by the "fake" D-C, including a split tape with Space Grinder (D-C's side being a recording of Moton De Morve; a project featuring Dan and Frank), in addition to re-releases of old demo tapes and a 7" discography released by Mortville Records (US). The "new" D-C material was, of course, entirely done by Frank. This went on for a few years until Frank just stopped everything and went offline.


In 2003 the real Deche-Charge returned, playing a 2-minute gig at the "Halloween Fest" in Quebec City with the line-up consisting of Dan, Fred and Chain Saw. Dan didn't really want to do anymore D-C shows so Chain Saw carried on with Fred and a revolving door of members filling in for gigs in Quebec City and Trois-Rivières. In 2005, the 1998 recording, originally slated for a release with Captain 3 Leg, was finally released as a split split 7" (by Mortville Records) with Belgium's Permanent Death. This new D-C record created a buzz so Dan and Chain Saw thought it might be fun to get together for a new recording session in January 2006; the first since 1998. A new member, Jack, who also played bass in Dan and Fred's other band, Mesrine, played guitar on this session. In December 2007, Chain Saw, Dan and Fred got together for a gig in Quebec City. Live recordings and various releases ensued from 2008 to 2009 with different line-ups, however no official recordings took place with only live recordings appearing on said releases.


In July of 2011, at the insistance of crowds and promoters in Berlin (Germany) and Gent (Belgium), two impromptu D-C live performances were played during Mesrine's European tour, which also featured future D-C member (and Mesrine bassist at the time) Dcaliss, who, following a recording session in 2013 was officially welcomed into the ranks of Deche-Charge. Material from this session would appear on D-C's first full-lenght LP titled "Disgrace To The Corpse Of Seth" (released by Bringer Of Gore) as well as a split 7" with New York Against The Belzebu. Various gigs ensued from 2011 to 2014, including gigs with the legendary Psycho, a gig with Phobia at Canada's Grind Your Mind outdoor festival and a very memorable performance on a sidewalk in Montreal with Japan's Sete Star Sept in the summer of 2014. Dan continues to show no interest performing with D-C, having only played a small fraction of D-C gigs since 2007, typically seeing Chain Saw joined by Fred, Dcaliss and frequent live member, Dallaire.


Release date Release name Media
2015 split 7'' w/ Nihilistic Front
2014 Disgrace to the Corpse of Seth LP (Bringer Of Gore Productions) LP
2014 split 7" w/ NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU (Jerkoff Records / Ratgirl Records)
2014 split 7" w/ SETE STAR SEPT (Stockroom Records / Underground Pollution Records)
2014 split tape w/ ULTRA AUDIO (Bringer Of Gore Productions)
2013 split tape w/ Morta Lente / I.W.G.Y.C. / FUN WITH DEAD THINGS (Dente Podi Records / Sludgesicle Records)
2013 split cdr/split tape w/ ORAL PROTECTION (Dente Podi Records) CD
2013 split tape w/ JHONNY DEPP IS DEAD (Grindlover Productions)
2012 Live VHS (Ugh... Tapes)
2012 Myspace Loosers business card 3 cdr CD
2012 split cdr w/ HELL GARBAGE
2012 split cdr w/ SERGE LAMOUCHE CD
2011 split cdr w/ RE-CHARGE DE-CHARGE
2011 4 Way For your Ears Suppuration" cdr w/ MORSCH / I WILL GUILLOTINE YOUR CHIHUAHUA / CHAOTIC SOUND (Old Grindered Days Records)
2010 split 7" w/ FINAL EXIT (Grind Block Records / S.A.O.R.S. Records)
2010 split 7" w/ DISLEKSICK (various labels co-release)
2010 split tape w/ T.S.M. Volume II (S.A.O.R.S. Records)
2010 split tape w/ HARSH SUPPLEMENT (Bringer of Gore Productions)
2010 split tape w/ ESION (Sludgesicle Records)
2010 split tape w/ S.M.G. (Conservative Shithead)
2010 split cdr w/Rectal Twat (Dumpster Juice Distribution) CD
2010 split tape w/ GOFUCKYOURSELF (Decapitated Cops Records) CD
2010 spit tape w/ RECTAL TWAT (#1 Dad)
2009 split 6" w/ GORGONIZED DORKS (Agromosh Records / Gothic Gospel Records)
2009 split 7" w/ TUMOUR (Bringer of Gore Productions)
2009 4-way split tape w/ VRV / HUMAN JERKY / KUSARI GAMA KILL (S.A.O.R.S. Records)
2009 split tape w/ GLAIRE CHAZAL (Zombi Attack)
2009 split cdr w/ BIG FIST JOHNNY (Mortville Records) CD
2009 split cdr w/ COLICO (Mierda En La Cabeza) CD
2008 I'm Going Ape Volume 3" 4-way split 7 w/ C.S.M.D., YES MEANS YES, ROTGUT (No Fucking Labels)
2008 split 8" w/ C.S.M.D. (No Fucking Labels)
2008 split tape w/ NAPALM NOISE (Underground Pollution Records)
2008 split tape w/ ANAL COLIC (Underground Pollution Records)
2008 split tape w/ MELANOCETUS MURRAYI (S.A.O.R.S. Records)
2008 split tape w/ T.D.F.N.T.F.O.T.C.F.I.S.O.H.O.T.D.N. (Nuclear Alcoholocaust)
2008 split tape w/ MORALITY DECLINED (Untitled Productions)
2008 split tape w/ PENIS ENLARGEMENT (Rotting Abortion Records)
2008 split tape w/ WELUVPOT (Sludgesicle Records)
2008 split tape w/ SARKOFACHO CRSS88 (NH.D.I.Y.ST. Records)
2008 split cdr w/ C.S.M.D. / INTUMESCENCE (No Fucking Labels)
2008 split 3" cdr with GORGONIZED DORKS (S.A.O.R.S. Records) CD
2007 split tape w/ NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM (Bringer of Gore Productions)
2006 split 7" w/ PERMANENT DEATH (Mortville Records)
2006 split cdr w/ GENITAL MASTICATOR / MAD RECITAL (R.O.N.F. Records) CD
2005 split tape w/ 2 MINUTA DREKA (Human Circus Records)
2005 split tape w/ VULGAR NAUSEA (Human Circus Records)
2004 split tape w/ PERMANENT DEATH
1997 split 7" w/ MIZUKO (Tylyt Levyt)
1996 split tape w/ T.S.M. (Gocharge Records)
1996 split tape w/ MUNDO DE MIERDA (Solo Ruido Records)
1996 split tape w/ SONIC DISORDER / WEIRD VISION / POCAHONTAS (Gocharge Records)
1996 split tape w/ A.V.S.M. (Schnauf Records)
1996 split tape w/ EXPERIMENTAL NOISE / DEFECACION PURULENTA (Shit Attack Records)
1996 split tape w/ DIARREA VOKAL / PYOSALPINX (Scrotum Records)
1995 1024 Song 7 EP (Regurgitated Semen Records) EP
1995 split tape w/ SONIC DISORDER (Gocharge Records)
1995 split tape w/ BRAIN DAMAGE (Gocharge Records)
1995 split tape w/ ORAL CLIMAX (Gocharge Records)
1995 DESTROY THE POLICE POWER 3-Way split tape with FINAL EXIT / DIARRHOEA (Abnormal Tapes)
1995 split tape w/ Black Leather Jesus (Worthless Human Flesh)
1995 split tape w/ BIZARRE X (Tapeworm Tapes)
1995 split tape w/ L.L.G. (Gocharge Records)
1995 split tape w/ CORPUSCLE EXTRACTION (Gocharge Records)
1995 split tape w/ MANGE D'LA MARDE (Gocharge Records)
1995 split tape w/ K.M.K. (Inner Aural Combustion Records)
1995 split tape w/ NECROTOMB (no label)
1995 split tape w/ T.B.H. (Gocharge Records)
1995 split tape w/ GESTORTE NACHBARN (B-Gore Records)
1995 split tape w/ UNGASUNGASUTYRUNGA (Inner Aural Combustion Records)
1994 split 7" w/ CLITORIS TRAFFICKER (Japan Oversea / Rotthenness Records)
1994 split 7" w/ ANAL MASSAKER (Schnauf Records)
1994 The Best of D-C collection tape (Cadaverizer Records)
1994 split tape w/ MORBID SHIT (Gocharge Records)
1994 Death Metal Fuck Off!! 3 second demo tape (Gocharge Records)
1994 Tremblement De Noise demo tape (Gocharge Records) DEMO
1994 plit tape w/ AUDICION IRRITABLE (Grindionnoise Produxion)
1994 split tape w/ ANAL SMEGMA (Gocharge Records)
1993 Nazi Deche Cores Fuck Off demo tape DEMO
1993 split tape w/ GENITAL MASTICATOR demo tape
1993 split tape w/ EXTREME HAIR STENCH
1993 split 7" w/ THE EARWIGS (Bung Records / Noise Records)
1992 T.P.S. demo tape
1992 Masturbation Genetique demo tape DEMO
1991 Le Retour Des Deche Cores demo tape DEMO
1990 Metal Deche Cores demo tape DEMO