DEATH STRIKE United States

DEATH STRIKE - DEATHSTRIKE - Re-Entry And Destruction.mp3


This live appearence will be one of the special and memorable experiences for every death /grind fan who will attend this year´s Obscene Extreme Asia 2015 festival in Japan! DEATH STRIKE`s special set! „Fuckin´ Death“!


Paul Speckmann will grind your heads! Three shows in three days! Double MASTER's  attack plus DEATH STRIKE set in Tokyo on 23.11.2015! Old school death metal!!!


Death Strike is one of the founding fathers of Death Metal. Date Of Formation : 19th September 1984


Rudimentary war-machine music from the city, Death Strike was one of the first ventures into the sound and composition of death metal as a separate genre, and although here not fully developed as demonstrated by the half-growled vocals and full-on punk riffs, still represents the forging of the elements to what would become "death metal."


Fundamental elements battle it out in old-style heavy metal riffs removed from any context of harmony and hybridized with Discharge- or Exploited-era hardcore into a bass-intense weather front which consumes as it advances. The random and violent body-in-motion rhythms present an unstable phrase which is each case is matched with the morbid certainty of its counterpart motion, creating an instability which favors the inevitable and dominant death awaiting each of us.


Release date Release name Media
1991 Fuckin' death - 1985 recorded. Released on Nuclear Blast 1991