COFFINS have long reigned as one of Japan’s finest purveyors of sonic punishment, and for good reason: Infectious riffs summon forth the booming voice of the gloom god, accompanied by sludgeoning bass lines, and blasts that drive you further into the underworld against your better judgment.

There is little use in trying to hold onto your humanity when in the throes of their sonic assault. They rip apart imagined reality and bring you closer than ever to the all-encompassing truth of the shit world around us: we all end up in the grave.


Coffins is a Japanese doom-death band, formed in 1996, that has scavenged the depths of evil and darkness throughout their decade-plus existence as they slowly work toward a flawless refinement of all the things we love about the genre. According to Exclaim!, Coffins might not innovate but instead “reanimate one of the darkest, most oppressive chapters of metal with consummate style and punishing panache.” Band members have displayed their immense talent and power since their debut full-length, Mortuary in Darkness, released on Razorback Recordings in 2005. A year later, they followed up with their sophomore release, The Other Side of Blasphemy, released through Imperium Productions. This album managed to somehow increase the heaviness of Mortuary, but it wasnʼt until 2008ʼs Buried Death that the band truly reached the sonic nirvana they had been aiming at since their beginnings. Buried Death, which Metal Reviews referred to as “satisfyingly heavy” as well as “raw and nasty,” was released through 20 Buck Spin and would be the bandʼs final full-length before signing to Relapse Records in early 2011. Before the signing, Coffins spread their sound across an enormous amount of splitreleases with such acclaimed acts as Warhammer, Stormcrow, and Hooded Menace. Additionally, the band has performed shows with bands such as Yob and Kylesa, and has made appearances at Roadburn Afterburner and Los Angeles Murder Fest. Coffins also finished a massive European tour, following thorough excursions in the east and west coasts as well as a successful tour in Australia. As Coffins remain hard at work on their fourth full-length and Relapse debut, anticipation is growing rapidly. A refreshing and mind-bending amalgamation of doom and death metalʼs greatest moments, Coffi ns has been described by The Sleeping Shaman as the sound of “deranged, zombie Sumo wrestlers who discover a mix tape of Celtic Frost, Cathedral, Autopsy and Necrophagia.” Nonetheless, there is no denying that, regardless of any esteemed influences these titans might bring to mind, no one is doing metal quite like Coffins right now.

Coffins 2014:

Uchino - Guitar/Vocal

Koreeda - Bass/Vocal

Satoshi - Drums

Tokita - Vocal


Release date Release name Media
2013 Colossal Hole
2012 Reborn
2012 March Of Despair
2012 Sewage Sludgecore Treatment
2009 Warhead