BROB Japan



Japanese grind freaks BROB haven't ever veered far from the true word of the Book of Grind since they began retching in 1997. Baptized in Napalm Death and Agathocles, BROB’s musical structures are simple and strong: No guitar solos, No clear vocals, No keyboards, and no bullshit.

BROB were put on this earth to do one thing, and one thing only: to spread the gut-wrenching, mind-bending, disturbing news of the Gospel of Grind.


Formed in 1997. BROB organized show, published fanzine etc in late 90's in Tokyo. After some years silence, Re-start with some new members in 2000. Self Released 1st full album "Empty Life" in 2007.

We play "GRIND CORE" from band formed and we never changed. "GRIND CORE" is most extreme music in the world and we continue GRIND to prove it. And continue being "GRIND" from now on. We are GRIND!!!


Release date Release name Media
0 Split/Brob Gate Split
0 V.A/Grind Bastards5 CD
0 V.A/Real Japanese Underground CD
0 V.A/Grind Bastards3 CD