BRAIN CORROSION Taiwan, Province Of China



Formed in 2007, BRAIN CORROSION played lots of rabid shows in the past, always rotted in the stage and melted in the stench of beer vomit.

They released a split with Spanish horror grind master Altar of Giallo in 2009, soon changed the drummer toward to the most splatter age in their career. The Sleazy Supremacy EP came out early this year, serving old school grindcore with morbid death flavor.

They are ready to get your curdling skin at OBSCENE EXTREME ASIA 2014!!!


It all began in 2007, Taipei, Taiwan. Lee and Derek (the owner of Rottenpyosis Recs.) first became friends and deicided to star a grindcore project that combine their beloved 80’s Hong Kong horror movies and grinding noise .To put into action and for the worship of Dead Infection,later the name "Brain Corrosion" was chosen.The band started to play several shows and later released a split with Altar of Giallo(Spain) in 2009.

After suffering from the unstable line-up and personnel changes for so many years, Brain Corrosion finally found an appropriate member to complete this band. As the 2013 new EP called "Sleazy Supremacy" was out, Brain Corrosion became more nasty and aggressive. Now Brain Corrosion are preparing for the Sete Star Sept(Japan) Taiwan Tour and the first filthy appearance at Obscene Extreme Festival Asia.


Release date Release name Media
2013 Sleazy Supremacy EP
2009 Altar of Giallo / Brain Corrosion split CD CD