ABIGAIL, formed in 1992, began by playing raw, unholy Black Metal. Over time, they incorporated different styles into their evil arrangements, and eventually emerged as the Satanic Metal Punks they are now.

They’re a hard working lot, releasing new material consistently. Most recently, their newest album Sweet Baby Metal Slut was put out on the US label Nuclear War Now! (NWN!). It's a piece of blasphemous art, full of Motorhead riffage, Venom-style thrashing, and nefarious pleas screamed to Satan himself for more Beer, Metal, and Sex!

On record, ABIGAIL is punishing; but on stage is where they truly slay. Their infectious, soul-rotting thrash summons Japan’s devil hordes en masse, calls them into the pit, and orders them to KILL, KILL, KILL! Truly, their die-hard fans are an evil force to be reckoned with, and will attest to ABIGAIL’s status as one of the most obscene, hellish, and profane metal-obsessed, crust-fuck punk bands in the world!!!


ABIGAIL was formed in January of 1992 by Yasuyuki (bass / vocals), Youhei (drums) and Yasunori (guitar) being inspired by early Black / Thrash Metal bands like BATHORY, VENOM, SODOM, BULLDOZER, HELLHAMMER, NME etc. The first demo "Abigail Demo ..1 '92" was released in July of 1992 and in August of the same year they played their first gig with SIGH.

In February of 1993, Youhei and Yasunori left the band. Nevertheless, second rehearsal/demo "Blasphemy Night" was released in March. In August of 1993, 7" EP "Descending From A Blackened Sky" was recorded by only Yasuyuki. This 500 limited 7" EP was released on H.S.B. Records in Holland and was sold out within 1994.

In June of 1995 Warmaster Records in Colombia released 700 limited split CD with FUNERAL WINDS, which was again recorded by only Yasuyuki. Yasunori and Youhei came back to the band in February of 1995 and recorded "promo tape '95", which was released on 7" EP by Of Gods Disgrace Productions, Canada in March of 1996.

The debut full-length album "Intercourse and Lust" was unleashed in 1998 by Modern Invasion Music from Australia. In 1999. 2nd full album "Forever street metal bitch" released on Drakkar productions in 2003. After signed with Nuclear war now ! productions for full albums. The band released full albums "Ultimate unholy death"(2005) and "Sweet baby metal slut"(2009). Latest line up are Yasuyuki (Bass and vokills), Youhei (Drums), Jero (Guitars).


Release date Release name Media
2009 Sweet baby metal slut CD, LP
2005 Ultimate unholy death CD, LP
2003 Forever Street Metal Bitch CD
2001 elcome All Hell Fuckers MC (TAPE)
1997 Intercourse And Lust CD