Hentai obsessed, porn addicts, Italian heartbreakers, the bizarre porn grind stable known as 2 MINUTA DREKA is ready to blast Japan as their blood is already boiling thinking about landing to a place filled by schoolgirls with white panties and socks as such is the land of the rising sun!!!


These Italian stallions are ready to show some real perversion and sickness on stage with their sleazy porn gore grind in the vein of old school bands like IMPETIGO, MEAT SHITS, GUT, HAEMORRHAGE and C.S.S.O. If you dig it you can't miss it!! Their last album "Porno Bizzarro" is already out on Bizarre Leprous Production! Do you like spermetal?


The band started in 2001 by Jack Off (firstly named as The Fuhrer of Noise and still running in the band) and Wallyache as a distorted bass/drums noisecore duo, many extreme shows and raw tapes were made at that time while also Enki Groat (guitar) and Cisco The Hellspawn (bass) joined the band. The pure noisecore period inspired from band like Anal Cunt, Deche Charge and 7 Minutes of Nausea endend around 2005 when the lineup changed and the whole thing turned the worst way. Jack Off felt free to turn the band into a pornographic act (inspired by bands like Impetigo / Meat Shits / Gut) to try to express his incredible libido and Perpetual Divaricator (guitar), Err Doktor (bass) and Mr Dakrside of Gheddafi (drums) joined the band. Several european tours and festivals gave the band a solid name while they released apart of various 7" their first album "Let's Start a Porn in the Name of Gore" under mexican label Half Life Records. Later on with a new line up changing entering Anal Jesus (drums) and Captain Cuntslaughter (bass) the band toured Mexico and again europe few times. More split records and more 7"inches later the band had the final line up changing with Nekro Slut Uchida (guitar) and Mr.Big Dick (drums) which recorded second album "Porno Bizzarro" under Bizarre Leprous Productions and with live members Kaiser Von Scheisse (bass) and again Cisco The Hellspawn (guitar). Be ready to grind the sleaziest way!



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