A bubbling goregrind machine from Holland is coming to Japan for the first time!!! ROMPEPROP!!!

ROMPEPROP have appertained to the absolute peak in their artistic craft since 1999. They have influenced so many other bands in a genre called "gore-grind". 

Their name must be well-known to every fan of extreme music and they are coming to Japan for the first time. As for this band the well-known fact is that to see and hear them during a live show is much better than only hear them from a CD.

These OEF veterans are also true OEF fans who come to our fest even without their name being in the playlist. It is for sure they will do an utterly crazy show attacking the edge of a total madness!!!


ROMPEPROP produce a very catchy gore everybody knows for sure!!! 3 guys missing any needless shyness grinding relentlessly their bit and trying to entertain themselves and everybody who like such tunes first of all!!! Put on your dancing shoes as this will rev us fucking up!!!