So another issue of OBSCENE EXTREME World Tour festivals is over. We were and still are very happy that many people found the way to this festival especially from Japan but also from other countries like South Korea, Australia, America, mention just a few, and made this Tokyo OEF such a great party. 

We are proud to deliver you both bands you can hardly see live in Japan and Japanese bands that are top acts in extreme music not only in Nippon. We hope to see some of them at the European issue of OEF in Trutnov in 2016. 

As you might know the main brain Curby couldn't come this time so all the brilliant work was done by Naru and Kubine. We all would like to thank them very much for their attitude and contribution they devoted to the OEF festival!!! 

The biggest thanx and cheers go to you, our Obscene Extreme maniacs who supported the festival. Without you it wouldn't exist anymore!!!! THANK YOU!!!  

So see you in the Czech Republic at the Trutnov Battlefield in summer 2016!!!